Al Bukhari Hadith 483


Narrated Uqba (may ALLAH be pleased with him): I offered the Asr prayer behind the Prophet (peace be upon him) at Al-Madina. When he had finished the Salat (prayer) with Taslim, he got up hurriedly and went out by crossing the rows of the people to one of the dwellings of his wives. The people got scared at his speed. The ¬†Prophe (peace be upon him) came back and found the people surprised at his haste and said to them, “I remember a piece of gold lying in my house and I did not like it to divert my attention from Allah’s worship, so I have ordered it to be distributed (in charity).”

May ALLAH make us those who can concentrate on worshiping ALLAH. There are so many distraction these days and it is very difficult to keep oneself from focusing on ALLAH 100% but we should all try our best and ask ALLAH to accept our salah.

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