Since 2006, I have been getting Pericarditis.  Sometimes once a year and some years two or three times.  The first time it happened, I was in emergency room and took me about 2 weeks to recover with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. Almost same thing happened two days ago. I can barely move. Chest pain is very sharp and it hurts to swallow anything. You can read more about  Pericarditis HERE.

There is one thing I suffer most from this is that my Salah.  Especially the sujood part.  I can barely bend for ruku but I am not able to do sujood at all.  It makes me appreciate and love to do sujood to ALLAH (swt).  The feeling of wanting to do sujood to the Creator and not able to; is the worst feeling anybody can have.  I feel for those who can’t do sujood for whatever reason.  I always pray to ALLAH (swt) that he will give me ability to do sujood until I die.  I thank ALLAH (swt) for the Iman(eeman) that he has bestowed upon me and my family.  I am very lucky to be born as Muslim.

May ALLAH (swt) guide us all and forgive our sins.

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